Silverpoint Ozone Micro Solar/Wind-up Torch Pink

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Sometimes you don’t have space for a large torch. That’s why we sell the Ozone Micro, the mini torch with maximum performance. It’s solar, so just leave it out in the sunshine to charge it up. Then when the sun goes down, crank it for one minute to produce five minute’s burn time; crank it fully, and it gives you 30 minutes of light. Small enough to slip into a bag or pocket so that you’re never caught without it, its two LEDs create enough light to illuminate a path to your home, your tent, or your car. Or, like some customers we’ve been told about, even down a mountainside. Not that we recommend this, of course!

Product features:

  • Wind-up and solar key-ring torch
  • Material: Rubber paint coated ABS
  • Bulb type: 2 x 5mm LED
  • Maximum output: 5 lumens
  • Operating modes: On > off
  • Burn time: Up to 5 minutes after 1 minute of cranking
  • Housing: Splash-waterproof
  • Battery type: Never needs batteries
  • Accessories: Key-ring attachment
  • Product size: 46 x 31 x 24mm
  • Product weight: 25g
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